23 November 2019

Recent publications:

  • P.-H.Tournier, I. Aliferis, M. Bonazzoli, M. de Buhan, M. Darbas, V.Dolean, F. Hecht, P. Jolivet, I.El Kanfoud, C. Migliaccio, F. Nataf, Ch.Pichot, S.Semenov, ”Microwave tomographic imaging of cerebrovascular accidents by using high-performance computing”, Volume 85, Pages 88-97, Parallel Computing, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.parco.2019.02.004 , 2019.
  • M. Bonazzoli, V. Dolean, I.G. Graham, E. Spence, P.-H. Tournier, ”Domain decomposition preconditioning for the high-frequency time-harmonic Maxwell equations with absorption”, Mathematics of Computation, https://doi.org/10.1090/mcom/3447 , 2019.
  • X Claeys, V Dolean, M.J. Gander, ”An introduction to multi-trace formulations and associated domain decomposition solvers”, Volume 135, January 2019, Pages 69-86, Applied Numerical Mathematics, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apnum.2018.07.006 , 2019.
  • Vanna Lisa Coli, Pierre-Henri Tournier, Victorita Dolean, Ibtissam El Kanfoud, Christian Pichot, Claire Migliaccio, Laure Blanc-Feraud, “Detection of Brain Strokes Using Microwave Tomography”, accepted for publication in IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF, and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, 2019.
  • X. Claeys, V. Dolean, M.J. Gander, “An introduction to multitrace formulations and associated domain decomposition solvers”, Vol. 135, pp. 69-86, App. Num. Math, 2019.