Prix Bull-Joseph Fourier

With my collaborators Frédéric Hecht, Pierre Jolivet, Frédéric Nataf and Pierre-Henri Tournier we have been awarded the Prix Bull Joseph Fourier 2015 

"The 2015 Bull-Joseph Fourier First Prize rewards research that is likely to aid in saving human lives. Conducted in collaboration with the medical imaging company, EMTensor, these simulation studies demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative imaging technique based on microwaves allowing differentiation, in less than 15 minutes, between the two types of stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic) and are usable from patient intake and throughout hospital care. These two points are crucial: speed of detection and characterisation of a stroke are critical to the care and survival of the patient. These simulations are possible through the power of supercomputers, new algorithms and rapid development."

(see also the official press release), ceremony taking place on 12th April 2016 in Paris.  

We have benefited from a large press coverage in UK and France, see the articles in: Science Magazine, BBC News, Health Canal, Herald Scotland, HPC Today,...